Printed bar table covers

Visibility of the organization by means of a logo is really important nowadays. Therefore PrintTable offers the possibility to print the logo or other image of an organization on a bar table cover.

The bar table covers are made of high quality polyester-spandex stretch fabric. The printed covers are washable till 40°C(104°F) and colorfast. The sizes of the covers are 85x114cm (33.5×44.9 inch) and are suitable for most bar tables. There are mainly two types of bar tables; the bar table with a crossed feet and the bar table with central feet. For both types of bar tables there are covers available.

A logo or sign can be printed on five sides of the bar table cover: on the top and the four sides. The full cover can be totally customized with all possible colors. More information about personalized prints and ordering information can be found at personal printing.