Organizing an event? 7 tips for a successful event

Hosting a business event is a great opportunity to put your brand in the extra spotlight. Whether it’s a product launch, anniversary or other special milestone, you have the opportunity to show off your company’s best side to all invited guests. However, organizing an event comes with some challenges. That’s why we at Printtable offer 7 tips to make sure your event is a success.

1. Define the purpose of the event

First, it is smart to set a goal for the event in advance. In other words, when is the event successful? By setting a goal in advance, you can use it as a capstone for organizing the rest of the event. For example, do you want to increase your brand awareness? Then it is smart to invite not only regular customers and partners, but also journalists and influencers, possibly for a fee.

2. Assemble a team to organize the event

After the goals have been established, put together a team responsible for organizing the event. Depending on the size of the event, it is good to work with a team of three to six or seven people. Make sure everyone has their own role, for example, someone for communications and marketing, someone for decorating and a financial specialist. That way it is clear to everyone what responsibility they have and what is expected of them.

3. Find the perfect location

When organizing a business event, the venue is invaluable. On the one hand, you want to make an impression, so the venue should suit your business and audience. On the other hand, it is also important that the venue is easily accessible, i.e. close to your guests or else easily accessible by car or public transport. So the perfect venue will suit your guests in both style and accessibility.

4. Choose a good date

What is true for the location is all the more true for the date of the event. A common mistake is to arbitrarily set a date. Chances are then this is just barely convenient for many of your guests. For example, make sure there are no competing events taking place on that day, and preferably avoid vacations as well. Also, plan the event well in advance (and send out invitations well in advance) so that your event can be the first thing on your guests’ calendars.

5. Create a balance between atmosphere and professionalism

Depending on the goals of your event, the ideal balance between conviviality and your business goals will need to be found. Nobody wants a boring affair, but you also don’t want it to get out of hand. So make sure you have good catering that suits your business and the people you are inviting. The same goes for the venue, decor and program: combine the fun with your business goals for an event that will be a success for both you and your guests.

6. Make sure your dressing is perfect

The decoration is also of great importance. Are you renting a room at a hotel or event venue? Then the owner of the location will support you in this. Are you hosting the party at your own location or are you renting a venue that needs to be dressed up? Then in addition to atmosphere, make sure you have plenty of seating, bar tables and nice beer tables. And don’t forget to dress up these tables with standing table covers, beer table covers and buffet table covers with your own logo or imagery on them!

7. Create a program when organizing the event

Finally, and perhaps the most important aspect in organizing an event: make sure you have an engaging program. This often works best by starting from the purpose of the event. For a product launch, the actual launch and the presentation therewith will be the main act of the event. By then cleverly planning around that, with a speaker beforehand and various demonstrations afterward, for example, you will keep your guests captivated and get the most out of your event yourself.

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