Networking drinks: what are they and why are they golden?

A networking reception is the perfect opportunity to put your company on the map and expand your network. Both startups and large multinationals therefore organize regular networking events, where business guests can maintain and expand their contacts in an informal way. Do you have your own organization and are considering hosting a networking event? In this article, we at Printtable tell you why this is a great idea and how you can get the most out of it.

What is a networking reception?

A networking reception is an event where people come together and network. This is often a meeting in an informal setting where professionals are invited from a particular industry, around a particular theme or shared passion. The purpose of a networking reception is networking: maintaining and expanding contacts and building strong business relationships. Networking drinks are often organized by companies, industry associations or agencies. Venues are often chosen as locations, but cafes, hotels and event venues also regularly host networking events.

Why host a networking reception?

A networking reception is the ideal opportunity for ambitious professionals to expand their network. And that applies not only to the guests, but even more so to you as the host! As the organizer of a networking event, you are completely in control and take center stage at the event. In addition, your guests will thank you for your invitation and perhaps most importantly, your own network will strengthen itself and become closer. Some benefits of networking drinks at a glance:

  • You meet new people: customers, sponsors business partners and new employees. This is essential to grow as a business.
  • A get-together is the ideal place to share your knowledge and beliefs with your visitors.
  • You will strengthen your brand and increase brand awareness.
  • The informal setting is a perfect way to stay abreast of what’s going on in your industry.
  • In addition to professional contacts, personal friendships can develop that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Tips for networking drinks that are worth their weight in gold

Are you now convinced of the added value a networking reception can bring to your business? And so you want to organize your own networking drinks? With the following tips, you are guaranteed a successful networking event.

Define the goal

Before organizing the get-together, it is important to have the goals of the get-together clear. Just want to strengthen your network? Or perhaps you also want to teach your network knowledge or connect certain groups of people? Making choices about this early on makes organizing and planning a lot easier. After all, the purpose largely determines the people you invite and the programming.

Provide a program

It is good to choose a certain structure for your drinks. Not only does this provide opportunities to convey a particular message, you also give your guests – who will not know each other very well (yet) – a great opportunity for a topic of conversation. For example, start with a speech or a demonstration of a new product. Or make it a kind of speed dating event. That way, you will ensure that guests have gripes and the ice will be broken quickly.

Take care of the location

Not only the choice of location (at your own place, a special event venue or a catering establishment), but also the decoration is very important to create a professional and atmospheric setting. Consider, for example, standing tables fitted with our printed standing table skirts and buffet tables with buffet table skirts. That way, you will stand out and your brand will get a big boost.

Promote your networking drinks

Finally, when organizing a networking event, it is important to promote it in the right way. We recommend using an omnichannel approach for this, meaning as many different channels as possible. In any case, send everyone an e-mail and also invite people in person as much as possible. In addition, share your event on your social media channels and preferably link it to a dedicated page on your website. That way, no one can ignore your event and you are guaranteed maximum attention for your event and your brand.

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